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[Comment] Chise:feeds of user commentedDolly Eye Green Circle Lens (2016-10-12 03:51:28)5
I love it!! very comfortable and intense color, I recommend 100%
[Comment] Chise:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Pearl Black Contact Lenses (2016-10-12 03:50:47)5
I love it!! very comfortable and intense color, I recommend 100%
[Comment] Sofia_Dubois:feeds of user commentedPofee Eclipse 119 Blue Circle Lens (2016-10-07 02:39:37)5
This lenses are just perfect ! They cover my brown eyes perfectly and the result is a gorgeous light blue. I will buy again from this website.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedEOS Super Neon Violet Contact Lens (2016-08-30 07:52:16)5
Excellent, high quality and so pretty ^^ I loved it.
[Comment] Mieko:feeds of user commentedVassen Little Mermaid Star Fish Blue Contact Lenses (2016-07-30 10:21:03)5
in 2014 I get this similar mermaid lens blue for free and I loved it!! it's perfect color on green eyes, easy to wear and confortable for wear long time!! thanks you so much!
[Comment] Mieko:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Bubble Pink Contact Lenses (2016-07-30 08:33:36)5
I bought it last year, and 2 weeks ago it was the last days that I can wear <3 I enjoyed to wear this very cute lens the all year!! thanks you so much!! they are confortable and look really pink on my green eyes! <3 I really loved to wear this lens design <3 And prices are always cheap because can wear one year! I'm everytime happy to order lens here since 2011! thanks youuu again! :3
[Comment] Mieko:feeds of user commentedTwilight Pink Contact Lenses (2016-07-30 08:24:04)5
I bought it in 2014, it's so beautiful!! very cute for my green eyes, and confortable! thanks you!!
[Comment] Mieko:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Pearl Black Contact Lenses (2016-07-30 08:18:10)5
I bought it in 2013, 2014 and last year! It's my favorit black lens!! <3 make beautiful eyes, easy to wear and confortable. I'm very happy thanks you!
[Comment] Mieko:feeds of user commentedEOS Candy Pink/Sakura Pink Circle Lens (2016-07-30 08:10:11)5
Sorry for late comment! I bought it in 2012, and it was so beautiful! that make really special beautiful eyes, thanks you!
[Comment] KumaChan:feeds of user commentedVassen Dolly Plus Blue (2016-07-15 07:53:13)5
I love these contacts! I live in Canada and it only took a week and a half, which is very fast because it usually takes a long time for items to get here. This is my first pair of contacts and I'm so happy I bought from this website because they are so comfortable and I feel great when I wear them. I will definitely be buying the matching pairs. Please, buy from this website! They even give you little gifts and write a personal "Thank you" cards. :)

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