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[评论] 匿名用户:评论了PLATINUM WHITENING SKIN INJECTION SET NO.1 (JAPAN) (2018-03-22 00:43:39)5
I wanna talk with u about this product i wanna buy it
Dear, you may place order, we will dispatch you as soon as possible
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Pofee 7 Colourful Brown Circle Lens (2018-02-12 08:23:58)1
I haven’t bought them, I just wanted to express how disappointed I am that people who need contact lenses to see, won’t be able to see wearing these. I want to buy them, but I want to be able to wear them without my glasses. That’s the whole point of contact lenses, isn’t it.
Pofee 7 Colourful Brown Circle Lens are available in prescription!
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Pofee 7 Colourful Brown Circle Lens (2018-02-12 08:21:45)1
I haven’t bought them, I just wanted to say that I’m disappointed that you can’t have some for people who need contact lenses to see.
Pofee 7 Colourful Brown Circle Lens are available in prescription!
[评论] msenglishtea:评论了GEO EyesCream Choco Mousse (2018-01-16 06:53:44)5
I love these contact lenses. They are very natural and the colour is a very soft brown, also they are comfortable to wear. I will purchase these again.
[评论] galactichive:评论了Geo Angel Blue Circle Lens (2017-12-22 02:11:04)4
My eyes feel so comfortable with them in and it came in absolutely amazing packaging. A few little extra gifts were in there too which I though was sweet. The customer service is amazing! My eyes looked a brittle larger which was what I was I was hoping for too. Unfortunately, the color didn’t show up too much on my dark eyes which I thought was rather odd. Other than that, amazing product!
[评论] BrunaPaquier:评论了EOS Super Neon Violet Contact Lens (2017-10-25 23:26:45)5
The lens' quality is amazing and they're really pretty. Fitted perfectly for my Kurumu's cosplay. I recommend ^^
[评论] cswaney:评论了Geo Ultra XCK105 (2017-08-31 23:52:33)5
I love these!!! Very comfortable, and very pretty. I have light grey eyes and the effect is stunning!
[评论] cswaney:评论了Vassen / Fynale Classic Circle Red (2017-08-29 14:51:06)5
Just received these yesterday and I LOVE them. I have naturally light grey eyes, so my natural color shows right near my pupil, but the effect is really pretty looking. These were easy to put in and remove, and comfortable to wear (for a contact lense. Let's face it not wearing contact lenses at all is always more comfortable lol)even after a few hours. The shipping was really fast, but I paid extra for fedex. I placed my order Aug 22nd and received it Aug 28th :)
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了EOS New Adult Red Circle Lens (2017-08-10 21:58:25)5
Amazing service and lenses. Will be ordering lenses only here. thank you so much!
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了EOS Cat Eyes Brown (2017-08-01 13:29:09)5
These are so comfy and natural looking. I will order again soon.


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