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[Comment] rifying:feeds of user commentedTwilight Pink Contact Lenses (2014-12-22 02:28:48)5
I love these lenses, very cute and comfortable. My eyes are light brown, and the pink shows up well on them.
[Comment] rifying:feeds of user commentedEOS New Adult Pink Circle Lens (2014-12-22 02:28:08)5
Comfortable,so bright and vivid, definitely noticeable on my very dark brown eyes. I love it!
[Comment] rifying:feeds of user commentedEOS New Adult Blue Circle Lens (2014-12-22 02:27:21)5
These look wonderful I love the color they are on my brown eyes. They have also been pretty comfortable.
[Comment] eryly:feeds of user commentedVassen / Fynale Florence Green (2014-12-22 02:23:13)5
The color is beautiful and they are extremely comfortable. I've recieved many compliments when i wear them. I can't wait to buy my next pair!
[Comment] eryly:feeds of user commentedGeo Eyevelyn Brown (Silicone Hydrogel) (2014-12-22 02:21:45)5
They brighten my dark brown eyes and make them look a little bigger. They were really comfortable and did not dry my eyes out out all and I had them on for 8 hrs today
[Comment] eryly:feeds of user commentedGEO Grang Grang Choco Lens HC-246 (2014-12-22 02:21:12)5
My lenses arrived about two weeks after I ordered. These are very nice and look natural in my eyes.
[Comment] eryly:feeds of user commentedVassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Hazel Contact Lenses (2014-12-22 02:19:14)5
These lens are beautiful and stand out perfectly! thank you LoveShoppingholics.com! i will buy for you next time
[Comment] eryly:feeds of user commentedGeo School Brown JBN-103 Contact Lens (2014-12-22 02:17:35)5
* Natural * * Charming * They enhanced my dark brown eyes without looking fake. Wears well for 8 hours. I'm highly recommend this
[Comment] Museityx:feeds of user commentedBarrel Style Contact lens WASHERS Case (White) (2014-12-15 10:06:08)5
How long will it take to restock?
Admin Replay
About 3-4 weeks
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedVassen Vanila MilkShake Gray (2014-12-07 04:56:45)5
Come watch my video of a makeup tutorial wearing these lenses!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7EtejiYmFk

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