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Japan Suikan Hada Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACID 1 Box (10 x 2.5ml)

Japan Suikan Hada Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACID 1 Box (10 x 2.5ml)


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 Japan Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACID + COLLAGEN


What is Derma Shine?

Derma Shine is an anti-aging program that helps with maintenance of clear, elastic, and transparent skin by injecting hyaluronic acid into dermal layer of the skin with multi syringe that uses negative pressure. Injection of hyaluronic acid maintains the skin to be moisture and more elastic and makes the skin tone brighter.

But our Derma Shine is non Injection of Hyaluronic Acid

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dull, lines and uneven skin.

Excellent moisturizing effect for the relaxed, lacking elasticity, wrinkled, sensitive, purple veins and other skin problems


Size :10 x 2.5ml (each syringe)

Each syringe can be used 2-3 times . 





SUIKAN HADA Japanese Shuiguang have patented ingredient fullerene ingredients, SUIKAN HADA exclusive!


Fullerene with superior and sustained antioxidant capacity, can remove harmful free radicals on the skin, restore skin elasticity, and further to shrink pores effect.


Inhibition of early old dull source, to mention bright color effect!


Japan EGL International Co., Ltd. specializes in Biotechnology, the introduction of the world's only "ultrafine cell-penetrating technology", rapidly promote cell reasonable metabolism, penetration rate 500 times more than traditional products.


Nanotechnology will become nutrients in nutrients than the normal 1,000 times smaller than nano particles nutrition, skin quickly absorbed into the skin layer, but also in the skin surface to form a protective film layer of water, the effect of keeping more than Shuiguang injection lasting super-penetration technology Japanese patented technology.


1. fullerene (1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine) Japan more than 20 universities in the study of fullerenes super antioxidant capacity, Japanese magazines, medical papers have reported that papers published in the American Journal of Medicine, medical experts have long been concerned about the study its powerful antioxidant capacity.


Five efficacy: compact, pores, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-oxidation.


2. aquaporin AQP3 (2003 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine), the effective skin open water channel, make the skin to absorb and store more than 1,000 times its own weight of water, wake-up cell regeneration function, repair broken withered skin cells and improve wrinkles, restore elasticity and enhance the role played whitening.


3. Collagen can inhibit melanin, promote new layer of skin metabolism, enhance the structural integrity of the stratum corneum water and fiber, improve skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles tightened to prevent loose.


4. promote skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid, can stimulate bone collagen and lock moisture, make skin shiny.


   Once Shuiguang = 1000 times the daily care, painless no risk, the effect of significant legislation.


   Compared Shuiguang syringe injection brought pain, but also may lead to swelling, bruising, allergies and other problems, and through the 14-day repair period can be effective.


   Just a sense of muscle and water at home care, rapid results, no wounds, no pain, simple and convenient, also at night when sleep mask, once every seven days to bear fruit, the skin is like injection needles left amidst effect, skin white , gloss improved significantly, skin moist and elastic


   Injections need not be directly applied


3 boxes for a course


main ingredient:


1. Long hyaluronic acid


2. Collagen


3. aquaporin AQP3


4. fullerene


Six Efficacy:


1. White - inhibiting melanin production


2. The fine - fine / shrink pores


3. tight - activated compact skin


The bright - bright body color glossy importance


5. Run - moisture replenishment


6. The tender - but also your baby tender muscle




After cleaning the face, using the first to open the needle cap, the needle tube essence pushed to the palm, then apply to the entire face, gently massage the top section, until cream is completely absorbed.


During use water, a sense of muscle, without the use of other skin care products recommended within 24 hours, using a water feel muscle smear Shuiguang needle!


The product is only suitable for use at night will be, a 2-3 times available










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