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How to Care
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How to Care





Cleaners for contact lenses



Depending upon the kind of brand you use and the amount of protein your eye deposits on your lenses, your doctor may recommend a required product for its removal. Usually it is a protein removal cleaner. Products for removing protein include enzymatic cleaners and daily protein removal liquids. Multipurpose solution, saline solutions, daily cleaners, hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets are some of the products used for cleaning contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a blessing for those who do not like wearing spectacles. The tiny thin and transparent film like objects helps vision but may have adverse effects too, if not taken care of. So while you are ready to place your lenses in your sensitive eyes, ensure that your lenses are always clean and well-looked after.





How to clean contact lenses



Follow this guide step by step in cleaning the lenses and always check the instructions for your contact lens fluid:

1. The best time to clean and disinfect reusable soft contact lenses is immediately after you take them off
2. Place the lens in the palm of the hand, it should be clean and dry
3. Apply a few drops of cleaning solution daily and uses the little finger to gently rub the surface of the lenses on both sides
4. Rinse thoroughly with contact lens solution and place them in the lens case
5. Fill both compartments of the lens case with solution, place the lids and leave to soak until the solution change (depending on the liquid lens you use - always check the instructions to know what you have to do)

Do not forget to clean the lens case!

We all know how important it is to keep the lenses clean, but you'd be surprised how many people forget to clean the lens case.

The case has to be as clean as contact lenses, since after all the lenses are soaked in a long time inside. Follow these simple tips to keep the box as clean as possible:

• Once you put on the lenses, empty all liquid from the case
• Clean regularly the case with new sanitizing solution and let air dry every day (germs do not multiply in dry conditions)
• Change your kit regularly, ideally you do each month


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